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Demystifying the market opportunity

Comprehensive insights derived by bringing together digital intelligence and primary research. An accurate assessment to identify where growth opportunities exist in your markets.

The LCN Formula assures that your objectives are achieved for your brand and therapeutic area(s), or across all your early, commercial and late-stage assets.

What We Provide

LandscapeDI provides a comprehensive, top-down look. We investigate all the commercialized and pipeline competitors at a given point in time, in conjunction with industry leading KOL assessments of each.  

Key Benefits

We provide much needed actionable and informative insights through an evidence-based assessment. This will feed strategic decision making to optimize brand(s) or portfolio success across all customers. 

Custom Reporting

Our analysis is a customized deliverable and includes: 

  • Incidence and prevalence in your therapeutic category

  • Treatment algorithm and guidelines 

  • Current commercial brands key features and emerging trends 

  • Pipeline of existing and emerging products in your therapeutic category

  • Promotional platform of competitors

  • Market and product perceptions from KOLs in the therapeutic space

  • Unmet needs and opportunity analysis 

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