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What are we up against?

Confirmatory, real-world, non-public intelligence behind the enemy lines of the competitive market push: the who, how, when and what they are saying about their brand, and YOURS!

The LCN Formula assures that your objectives are achieved for your brand and therapeutic area(s), or across all your early, commercial and late-stage assets.

What We Provide

Field-ForceDI provides you with a mission-critical component: an evidence-based commercial assessment of the competitive field-force which will feed strategic decision making to optimize brand potential uptake across customers. This is a comprehensive assessment of competitors field force size, focus & structure.

Key Benefits

As a foundational component of commercial strategic planning, this objective third party audit of the competitive landscape informs your early-stage planning to help determine optimal field-force sizing and other critical commercial decisions.

Custom Reporting

Our analysis is a customized deliverable and includes:

  • Complete competitor landscape (key metrics) 

  • Sizing, focus, call targets, brands promoted, brand weighting, bonus structures, and hierarchy of sales force

  • By group: sales, medical support (MSL) services, institutional, market access and contracting (in part or all) 

  • Qualitative assessment of intangible behaviors & attitudes

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