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Eyes wide open!

Maximize your brand advantage with real-time and periodic updates on competitor activities and key market events, delivered with insights to help strategic decision-makers in a challenging environment.

The LCN Formula assures that your objectives are achieved for your brand and therapeutic area(s), or across all your early, commercial and late-stage assets.

What We Provide

MarketWatchDI allows you to stay on top of competitor activities and key market events with a 360-degree view of the competitive ecosystem.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time updates with summary and insight: Breaking news, company events, earnings, publications, clinical trials, social media trends, regulatory updates, and other time-sensitive or critical updates

  • Dedicated CI Research Team: Address KIQs and KITs identified by the brand team

  • Dimensional Intelligence Approach: Ability to conduct primary interviews with various sources, and CI experts that can triangulate data and provide accurate implications/recommendations ​

  • Communicate intelligence with internal stakeholders: Compilation of crucial insights and findings in easy-to-access and customized reports delivered with the dashboard or PowerPoint slides (Bi-weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Other as needed) and a presentation to key stakeholders

Custom Reporting

Available with 1yr and 2yr subscriptions:

  • Options available include public digital intelligence gathering or blended with primary interviews, medical conference coverage

  • Daily digital surveillance 

  • Alerts: Important news releases, or blended with findings from primary interviews 


  • Weekly Newsletter

  • Monthly and Quarterly Reports

  • Includes a dashboard 

  • Quarterly KIT & KIQ Recalibration Session 

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