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Excellence in preparation,

excellence in execution !

The key to a brand’s uptake in the market is a function of your market preparedness and plan for implementation. Being poised to counteract the forces outside of your organization is essential, with the primary resistance coming from direct or indirect competitors and/or pipeline compounds. Navigating and counteracting the shifting external market factors, whether they be evolving treatment guidelines, regulatory issues, government pressures, technical disruptors, or other unforeseen dynamics, is critically important to YOUR success.

The LCN Formula assures that your objectives are achieved for your brand and therapeutic area(s), or across all your early, commercial and late-stage assets.

What We Provide

LCN Consulting, an experienced healthcare-only organization, provides a comprehensive exercise comprised of all elements leveraged by the competitors’ marketing mix, market dynamics and disruptive change, while ensuring collaborative integration of your organization's stakeholders.   

Key Benefits

An objective exercise grounded in real-world data, competitor efforts and market dynamics, which provides high confidence of success when implemented.

What We Deliver

  • A customized market level gaming experience 

  • A thorough evidence based collaborative and iterative process 

  • Comprehensive competitor playbooks inclusive of current commercial and pipeline assets​

  • Facilitation of an interactive team-based simulated workshop that is inclusive off opposing market forces 

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis​

  • Identification of critical issues and strategies 

  • Evidence based strategic insight and recommendations ​

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