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DE&I Benchmark and Monitoring

Understand, assess and lead!

The issues of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in healthcare delivery, specific to the underrepresented populations, has been recognized and discussed for years but with little tangible commitment or results. The civil unrest that emerged post-pandemic demanded that civil institutions address these issues. Pharmaceutical manufacturers are only now tirelessly working to meet these challenges. The financial commitments being allocated across critical operational, marketing, medical, and research segments include increases in corporate staffing, communications and clinical trial accruals, and are at levels never-before seen and amplify the urgency of these initiatives. 

What We Provide

A benchmark of common initiatives being implemented by pharma manufacturers, healthcare organizations, and advocacy groups, with a focus on disease states, therapeutic categories, brands and customer segments.

Key Benefits

A roadmap that enables your organization to both understand industry activity and  to identify opportunities available to exceed current industry efforts and lead the DE&I initiative at the corporate and brand level. 

Custom Reporting

  • Industry benchmark of common themes and initiatives 

    • Corporate staffing commitment 

    • Communication initiatives

    • Healthcare delivery dynamics

    • Community outreach

    • Clinical trial enrollment

  • Therapeutic and brand-level initiatives being undertaken by competitors, industry, and advocacy organizations 

  • ​​Unmet needs and opportunity assessment 

  • POA development 

    • Corporate DE&I image and perception evaluation 

    • Customized on-going monitoring

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