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Today’s science,
tomorrow’s treatments and trends

Medical conferences provide an excellent opportunity for a company to understand the current competitive environment, and what industry KOLs and customers think about the latest breakthroughs and advances. Medical conferences are the optimal way to gather primary interviews from critical therapeutic stakeholders in a timely manner. 

The LCN Formula assures that your objectives are achieved for your brand and therapeutic area(s), or across all your early, commercial and late-stage assets.

What We Provide

MedConDI  helps you uncover the competitor’s product positioning and commercialization tactics while gauging the KOL/HCP perception of the same. Also, it provides the opportunity to speak with company and industry sources to uncover non-public domain intelligence. Finally, MedConDI  can help you get grounded on the therapeutic category’s current and future (market/competitive) environment. 

Key Benefits

  • Watch as competitors use the conferences to present the latest research, launch marketing campaigns and interact with customers (HCPs/patients) through exhibits, advertisements, and presentations. Capture strategic, tactical, and predictive intelligence to understand competitors’ commercialization and development activities 

  • Participate as thought leaders (KOLs) and stakeholders (analysts, advocacy groups, institutional reps, etc.) attend this meeting to educate and engage with peers to discuss the latest breakthroughs and advances in given therapeutic segments

  • Gather KOL perceptions about competitors’ products/services and emerging market trends and obtain non-public domain intelligence. Scientific presentations and peer discussions can be beneficial in understanding the market and competitive landscape 

Custom Reporting

We provide: 

  • Pre-meeting “playbook” and on-site “Ops” finalization, Exhibit Hall interviews with company sources, primary interviews with KOLs and other market stakeholders, Coverage of relevant sessions such as plenary, scientific, poster presentations and symposia, Daily summaries (if requested), Comprehensive analysis which fuses all public and primary interview data

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