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Achieve distinction! 

Discover understandable critical insights into this arguably non-differentiated landscape. Capitalize upon these ideas and set your biosimilar apart from the rest. 

The LCN Formula assures that your objectives are achieved for your brand and therapeutic area(s), or across all your early, commercial and late-stage assets.

What We Provide

With the biosimilar landscape becoming increasingly challenging, our BioSimDI 
is designed to give you the needed insights to help cut through the clutter and help inform your critical decision-making process. More specifically, small and large players with sophisticated commercial operations represent unique competitive challenges. Therefore, we deliver both a comprehensive assessment of the currently commercialized market along with the status of potential/pipeline biosimilars in development. The assessment includes: launch timelines, drug substance/API sourcing, regulatory guidelines/requirements, commercialization capabilities/expertise of competitors, KOLs'/HCPs’ perceptions of product utilization, payer/market access landscape, and sales force size and structure assessment. In addition, we report on non-public domain intelligence from potential competitive company sources.

Key Benefits

BioSimDI offers a complete assessment of biosimilar threats to help guide you through your LCM (life cycle management) or EOL (end-of-life cycle) planning. Assessments include market dynamics on existing and new product approval, API/supply chain, regulatory hurdles, bio-waivers, interchangeability, sales force size and structure, and commercialization strategy.

Custom Reporting

Available with 1yr and 2yr subscriptions:

  • Public digital intelligence gathering blended with optional primary interviews 

  • Daily digital surveillance 


  • Important news releases integrated with optional findings from primary interviews


  • Weekly Newsletter 

  • Monthly & Quarterly Reports 

  • Quarterly KIT & KIQ recalibration sessions 

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