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What Really is Dimensional Competitive Intelligence?

What really is Dimensional Competitive Intelligence?

I am sure that if asked, you could come up with some type of definition of competitive intelligence, but do you really know what it is? Today, I’d like to share with you what it means here at LCN Consulting.

When an organization asks us for help with its toughest business challenges, we strategically immerse ourselves in the rugged terrain of competitive intelligence. It is here that we unearth how a client may best reduce strategic risk, increase revenue, and identify opportunities.

Through our highly sought-after approach known as Dimensional Competitive Intelligence, we find answers that are not readily available through “standard” operations of practice. Our unique methodology considers pertinent and ever-changing dynamics so that you may achieve your business desires and strategic imperatives.

Information is triangulated, vetted, and integrated from various sources to ensure the development of superior insights. When applied, these actionable and informative insights open the door to higher-quality decision-making.

Dimensional Competitive Intelligence Universe

The basics of this process include:

• Establishment of KITs and KIQs (Key Intelligence Topics and Questions)

• Development of the “Intelligence Chain”

• The collection of relevant data through various domains including digital, audiovisual

records, and primary interviews.

• The assignment of confidence levels to the various domains and sources.

• The development of higher-level insights extracted from the research.

So, what really is Dimensional Competitive Intelligence? It is a formula for success!

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