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  • Emanuele Criscione

Competitive Intelligence

How familiar are you with Competitive Intelligence (CI)? For some, CI is second nature by virtue of their

professional responsibilities. For others, it is an area that they know little about. One thing is for certain:

there is no one size fits all approach, in this space. Regardless of where you fall on the continuum of CI

understanding, you will want to read further. Gaining greater insight about Competitive Intelligence will

help you to grow your business opportunities and gain deeper insights.

Here at LCN Consulting, we specialize in capturing the overarching core elements of powerful Strategic,

Tactical, and Predictive Competitive Intelligence. We do the heavy lifting in uncovering the nitty gritty

so that you are equipped and poised to focus on how to best utilize the information. But there is more…

Strong CI should go beyond just competitor focus. Insights should reflect the ever-changing market

components. The LCN Formula applies the best methodologic approach to finding solutions based on

the CI type of interest. Understanding the nuances of each is critical to the discovery and

implementation of optimal solutions.

1. Strategic Intelligence (SI) gathering focuses on actions related in support of strategic

imperatives. The SI framework is broad and analyzes significant events of the past, present, and


2. Tactical Intelligence (TI) deals with the current operating environment and identifies changes in

competitor’s operational environments. The TI framework can be more targeted to an element

of the marketing mix and seeks to discover opportunities

3. Predictive Intelligence (PI) studies what direction the market is moving in, and how well-

positioned competitors are to move with it. PI seeks to identify what opportunities you can

leverage to be ahead of the competition.

Wherever your interests take you, we have a team of aggressive researchers and analysts ready to scour

every available ethical avenue to discover the intelligence you require! Please reach out to arrange a

meeting to discuss Competitive Intelligence in greater detail, or to schedule a complimentary CI workshop for you and your team.

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