LCN Consulting's 2020 Wildcard Weekend Predictions

The 2020 NFL Playoffs are upon us! This year, LCN Consulting is predicting the winners of these games, all the way up to the Super Bowl. Below are LCN's official picks for the 2020 NFL Wild Card Weekend:

AFC Wild Card Round (1/4/2020, 4:35pm): Buffalo Bills v. Houston Texans

Winner: Buffalo Bills

AFC Wild Card Round (1/4/2020, 8:15pm): Tennessee Titans v. New England Patriots

Winner: New England Patriots

NFC Wild Card Round (1/5/2020, 1:05pm): Minnesota Vikings v. New Orleans Saints

Winner: New Orleans Saints

NFC Wild Card Round (1/5/2020, 4:40pm): Seattle Seahawks v. Philadelphia Eagles

Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Not only do we want to share our picks with you, but we also want you to join us! Below is a survey where you can pick who you think will win these games. Survey results and outcomes will be published next week, along with more picks and another poll for the next round.

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