The Guaranteed NCAA Tournament Outcome

Well, this is it, the start to the NCAA tournament, comprised of 64 teams, hundreds of individual players, all with a common end goal in mind, to play to win. I cannot tell you with any certainty what the outcome of the tournament will be, however I can say with certainty that while the tournament grinds on, those of you in strategic roles within your organization, will still have to wake up tomorrow morning needing to contend with competitors in a competitive environment.

In this environment the rules may change, competitors new and old persist to blunt your organization and importantly, the eco-system you all interact evolves and changes, for better or for worse. We all want the same outcome- success and victory (who doesn’t?). No one is entitled to that end, but we are entitled to seek the opportunity to craft the means to that end through discipline and diligence of the work required of us.

As a competitive intelligence practitioner, my simple recommendations are the following question you can ask yourself:

  • What is occurring in the market I track today that can change the buying patterns?

  • What will be occurring in the future that will change buying patterns? Is there a disruptive event, technology or competitor?

  • What are my competitors doing and why?

  • What’s steps do I need to take to ensure I have these answers? An objective outside opinion?

As this NCAA tournament evolves you can bet that in scenarios where talent is matched with talent and its equal, victory will come more readily to teams who are more prepared for the game they are playing and their competition.

For those of you who enjoy college basketball and the tournament, ENJOY! But keep your mind focused on your business and the environment it competes. Keep your eyes on your individual work as well as your organizations game. Stakes become higher as it starts to impact you and not a group of collegiate athletes. Remember there are experienced teammates you have within as well as outside your organization, such as the LCN team, who is ready to help you win against your competition!

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