Disruptive Change: The Battle Within

“If fortune doesn’t go your way, sometimes you have to bend it to your will.” – Julius Caesar

The term disruptive change is ubiquitous in describing the U.S. healthcare system these days. This catch phrase often used by overpriced management consultants with the big names (you know the folks that walk around the halls of your company; taking, repackaging, and getting credit for your work) we start to become tone deaf when we hear it. However, being involved in the life sciences for almost a quarter century, this is exactly what is and will be happening to our industry. For example, changes in supply chain, distribution, bench science, clinical development, and payment models will make the way we do business today unrecognizable. Many (including myself) argue healthcare has to go through this transformation.

Many of you have doubts and have heard this before. We all remember the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. With some many other tasks competing for your time, you agree these changes are coming but they are not impactful enough at this time to change your behavior. Time to look in the mirror and change this way of thinking.

Let me provide some evidence for consideration. Amazon is all over the news recently with its “1492” healthcare lab and more. They have multiple work streams aimed at various sectors of the healthcare model from distribution to patient monitoring. So does Google, Apple, and many more companies in Silicon Valley. Precision medicine has been advanced in the oncology sector but we’ve only experienced the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this area. Research advances are being made in healthcare delivery, diagnosis (see news on artificial intelligence and IBM Watson), lead identification, patient care and outcomes to name a few. Communication itself has changed with the proliferation of social media and will continue to change the way doctors, patients, researchers, and communities talk to each other.

So what does this have to do with you? As a co-founder of LCN Consulting, I get to interact with a lot of smart people representing the whole spectrum of functions in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. While I get a lot of great conversation about these topics and their impact, I see very little action in actually planning for them. There are a multitude of reasons offered for this of which many are valid. Back in my days as a psychotherapist, I witnessed the power of defense mechanisms in maintaining habits and resisting change. This blog is about the battle within. It’s personal. Our industry is changing and will be transformed in the near future. We should not suffer the fate of the dinosaurs during the ice age.

How to accomplish this? You be Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon.

You be the disruptive change agent for your organization, area, department, or functional group. It is how all great things happen. Be the leader in planning for these options. Challenge the status quo. Make the case that these things must be in the strategic plan, accounted for and acted on. This will result (time for me to throw in a favorite catch phrase) in epigenetic change in the way we operate on all levels in our industry. If we do it right, may prevent us from becoming dinosaurs.

Thank you for visiting our blog and I look forward to continuing the discussion.

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