Can’t Get There from Here

A CD that I loved and played to death during my sales rep days was called, “Can’t Get There from Here”. I played that CD as I was going to and from physician offices all day, and that specific CD comes to mind when I was thinking of co-founding LCN Consulting with John Lauria.

The album title describes the old sayings of ‘reasons you can’t achieve things’ and the ‘obstacles and roadblocks placed in the way make it impossible’. Of course, the usual comments such as, “pharma is a crowded industry”, “what makes your company different from the rest?”, etc.; were all comments that we heard. All the reasons that we were given were valid, but all those reasons would also be labeled as resistance.

I can’t use a fancy marketing term to describe how to get there from here, but to use a simple word, such as passion, is a good fit. Passion is what has led us through all the obstacles that we have faced, and what has gotten LCN Consulting to complete a decade of steady growth and client satisfaction.

We all have passion. When we conjure it and apply it, we find that we can achieve greater goals than we expected, whether they are personal or professional. Remind yourself of why you do what you do, and stir up that passion. Be the chef who throws an extra smidgen of spice, the pitcher who jacks a few extra miles on their fastball, or the cashier that gives the customer a smile…. These are what separate those that “can’t get there from here” from those who do.

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