Lessons We Have Learned: “The First Thing”

Lessons we have learned that can be applied for you:

Having been on the manufacturer side and consultancy for over two decades, there have been many valuable lessons I have learned about being effective and successful. LCN Consulting is built upon the principle of answering tough questions for clients, better than other firms. Of the many of lessons that we have learned, there is one that is a fundamental first thing that should be done in any project. As John Lauria, the co-founder of LCN Consulting, would tag it… “proclivity for curiosity”. Be curious, it only kills cats…. so, unless you’re a cat, you will be fine. Ask questions up front of why, what?

In our business endeavors, when we are approached by management with business issues and questions, we need to know what really is the question we are pursuing an answer to. It’s so simple of a concept, yet it’s applicable and paramount. Think of the comment “I would really like to drop 10 lbs." We probably have heard that comment or have said that comment more times than we can count. Sound familiar? Why? Let’s say the scale reads 185lbs instead of 195lbs when you step on it. Is the outcome just the 10lb decrease or is it something else? I’m going to assume it’s something else. Maybe it’s you feeling BETTER. Maybe your clothes fit better or you have a slight increase in your athleticism? Maybe you can run a little faster or a little farther? Whatever the true outcome is, we are pursuing that the 10lbs is just a means to the outcome.

Consider this business question that we hear many times: "How many representatives does our competition have and what are they saying?"

What’s driving that question? What’s the overarching reason it’s being asked? What end is that answer a means to? There’s only one true way to find out… ask the person requesting it.

Odds are that it’s something related to an assessment of your organizations overall promotional position versus the competition. That’s very important because NOW when you get that answer, the triggers for the next steps are much clearer on what action standards are required to answer the true question.

We have learned a lot over the last decade by truly understanding what our client is pursuing. We can best map the intelligence chain required to obtain that answer, in addition to providing the additional insights. It’s how we set ourselves apart and deliver above and beyond client service that makes us different. By implementing this one thought this week, we hope that it will help you deliver exceptional results to your internal clients and stakeholders.

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