Precision Medicine: “The Ghost in the Fog”

First and foremost, welcome to my blog. If you are coming to this page, you seem to have an interest in Precision Medicine and the disruptive change that it will usher into the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry. My artistic license to best conceptually describe Precision Medicine is “the ghost in the fog”. What do I mean by that term? It’s the incoming entrant on the periphery of the current ecosystem. We can see some shape and form, however, it’s still mysterious, like a ghost in the fog. Although many questions remain about Precision Medicine, one clear aspect is known: it’s here and it’s getting closer.…

Our firm, LCN Consulting, of which I am a co-founder, has been providing business/competitive intelligence to our clients over the last decade. We provide intelligence on competitors in the pharma sector, which helps identify and understand competitive ghosts. Precision Medicine is the “next ghost” that needs to be defined and understood. LCN Consulting, via our PrecisionMEDNXT product line, will assist in providing the necessary tools to begin preparing yourself and your organization for the disruptive change in healthcare delivery.

A bit about PrecisionMEDNXT: We developed this product line out of an organic identification from the need of our existing client base. We have predicted the magnitude of disruption Precision Medicine brings to healthcare delivery and the need to simplify this information into insights for clients on “why they should care” about Precision Medicine.

Having identified this approaching disruptive change and the need for clients to conceptually understand Precision Medicine, LCN Consulting has developed capabilities in this field, along with launching the PrecisionMEDNXT product line. This product will assist our clients in preparing for this change and positioning them for a competitive advantage. PrecisionMEDNXT will assist our clients with a full platform, thus positioning LCN Consulting as a reliable and trustworthy partner. We are deploying a full digital platform to communicate relevant granulated insights for you to leverage. Our baseline report entitled Disruptive change: Precision Medicine and the Innovation driving healthcare delivery into the future, is an essential start in understanding Precision Medicine from a macro level. Purchasers of the report will benefit from the following actionable features:

  • Define: Precision Medicine and the Ecosystem

  • Assess: Threats and opportunities with evaluative ‘scorecard’ criteria

  • Prepare: Deriving strategic implications for senior management

To purchase the Disruptive Change Report or to learn more about LCN Consulting services, please contact

Please join us as we all take this journey together and the next ghost comes out of the fog. We understand it and we welcome it!

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