LCN Consulting is a full service business intelligence partner offering a range of consulting services, all designed to help your company reach its potential. Whether you need to assess early development opportunities or develop a life cycle management strategy, we have you covered. From pipeline to portfolio planning, our services are tailored to get the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Our range of business intelligence services include:

  • Competitive Intelligence 

  • Market Research 

  • Strategic Planning 

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Competitive Intelligence

Primary Source Interviews

Open source bench research

•Understanding the competitive ecosystem today and where will it be tomorrow

•What are the factors that shaped the current model

•What forces are shaping shifts in the future

•Are there disruptive forces on the horizon


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Market Research



We take your business questions, construct the best methodology to deliver the optimal solution

Whether your business questions are early development, thru mature lifecycle management and everything in between we can assist by fundamentally understanding 

•The voice of the customer

      •Professional & patient

•Gaining insights into the “why” behind their choices

•What factors can influence a shift in their behavior 

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Strategic Services

War Gaming

Brand Planning

•Provides a suite of strategic services critical for clinically differentiated device, diagnostic and pharmaceutical products

•Strategic Planning Processes

•Strategic Marketing Services

•Medical Affairs/Clinical Development Planning

• LCN & partners work with your teams to develop an optimum path towards success